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Buy custom Computer Engineering essay

I interviewed a computer engineer named Keyur Patel. He has a master in computer engineering from Northeastern University and currently works at United Technologies Ltd. Keyur works in many aspects of engineering. When I asked him how reading and writing literature helped in his career, his reply was positive. He said it helped him a lot and still uses it in his career up-to-date. After interviewing him, I learned many interesting facts about reading literature and writing, and its importance in his line of career.

Keyur explained that he works with different aspects of computer design, circuit layouts, and individual components for computer equipment. The circuit layouts and design are usually done in a computer, then the building and testing is done in the lab. Whenever he is free, he spends time researching on new things that he can invent to improve his skills. When I asked him how writing has helped him in his career, he responded, “Writing has been really helpful to me because I use it every day when working in teams and to communicate ideas both verbally and in writing”.  He also mentioned that writing can be useful in conferences, when doing presentations and expressing ideas or even during job interviews. On asking him about his advice concerning the importance of literature and writing in Computer Engineering, he said, “I advise that you learn reading and writing because you will use it every day. Furthermore, it will help you in the future, and not just in engineering. The better you know how to read and write, the more professional you will sound.”

I learned a lot after interviewing Keyur.What I noticed is that there are many things one works with in the field of engineering, as he had mentioned earlier. Initially, I thought Computer Engineering is all about computers, but after the interview, I learned that one works with a variety of things. At first, I did not know that writing was an important factor in the field of Engineering, but now I have known that writing can be helpful in many aspects of life. I have always had interest in a career in Computer Engineering ever since I was a child. I must admit that after hearing him talk about reading and writing in his career, it inspired me to learn more about it.

Buy custom Computer Engineering essay

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