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Buy custom Do I Have Values essay

This topic is about values. We will consider how I have got my values, how they have been shaping my character till present time, and in what way they affect my life today. People need to look first at the definition of the word “value” and the sphere where it is applied. Usually they talk about belief systems that are hold by every individual. Every person has a special way of perceiving and believing in his/her values to which they attach great importance too.

People have religious values and moral values; they have their own experience they can refer to, and, in its turn, this shapes their core belief systems.

In learning so much about values, I found out that my parents had a lot to do with the values I have today. My father was born in New Zealand (NZ) in Wellington, and his father before him came to NZ by ship in the 1800’s. My great grandfather has contributed to the deforestatation of the area, where the city capital Wellington is now built. My father went to school in Wellington and then became interested in building radio stations all over NZ. My father’s belief system was based on world science of the 1950’s, “what you see is what is true.” He married my mother in the Cook Islands while he was building the radio station there, and consequently, he brought her to New Zealand. Mum was born in the Cook Islands on an atoll called Manihiki. She has a very different value system due to the culture of her homeland. Thereby, I have been blessed with the possibility to perceive the beliefs of two different cultures. Honesty was an integral part of mum’s values as she was brought up under Catholic traditions. My mother grew up in many different families.

My values were very narrow due to the hospital stay for the first eight years of my life. I really never met my Dad till the age of eight as he had always worked. I met my brothers and sisters when I left the hospital. So, for the first eight years my belief system  was forming in a clinic, where many doctors and nurses fought for my health. When I grew older, we moved to the Cook Islands where I learnt tenderness as their culture was very gentle from my point of view. Later I met and married a gentleman from Switzerland. We moved to Switzerland and stayed there for eight years. My two sons were born there. I learnt many different languages at evening school because I had to work in the day time.

My first and greatest value was a freedom to move and to be free from being paralysed. Year and a half I was unable to move due to the lock in my head. In such a way I came to perceive freedom from physical pain and mental torture as a huge blessing to me. My second value is my Christian faith as I would not be alive today if I have no faith in God that loves me no matter what happens.

My faith and love to my children are very strong; I value the opinion of my beloved ones. I find it interesting how people can have different ideas, belief systems, different cultures and I love the way I accept and love people right where they are in this moment or point in time. Skills and knowledge help you to find your values. I believe it is important for every person to find his/her gifts and talents and reveal them.

As for me, I love kids. I am very kind to children. It seems like I come alive and find indescribable joy when I see them smiling and laughing. In my family, I am called Aunty Sunshine or Aunty Hard Case by my nieces, and I adore it.

I strongly oppose the violence against children. It is hard to admit that there are families where children are sexually hurt by family members. A child does not deserve to be hurt. I have told to my husband if it was a member of my own family I would definitely consult with a social worker, call the police or a doctor.

I help many people to come off heavy drugs and the difficulty is that they can get attached to you and drain your energy. That is why, to protect myself from danger I have to say no to them and stay in my house. Sometimes I cannot visit their houses as they are unsafe for me. First of all I must care about my own safety and safety of my family; only then I can be effective in helping others.

Identifying my own philosophy of life, I can say, I has inherited a Christian belief system from a parent. A marriage with a person from Switzerland, who have had a different belief system and different culture, helps me to understand how many different cultures have molded my belief system and values.

Due to living in many different countries with many different cultures, today I see myself as a very good social worker, and the community will work as I have a capability to accept different people, various places and diverse religious beliefs. What enables me to have a holistic approach to social welfare work?

I guess my vision of how the future world would look like (which is unrealistic today).

The world, where children would not be hurt, and people with mental illnesses are able to live with dignity and respect. Raising the vibration towards love and peace, I would like to see more confidentiality in people's personal attitude to social work, nonjudgmental approach to each other's ideas, and more respect and tolerance in understanding of each other's differences.

The word “value” denotes something as good and desirable. It came from Latin “valere” that means to be strong to prevail. To be of worthy, however, that is what I feel. My life is worthy due to my safety, being true and devoted to myself and my own values, being clean in terms of personal hygiene, and to have a peaceful mind.

Buy custom Do I Have Values essay

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