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Buy custom Narrative Essay Detailing a Funny Incident essay

In my college years, I and my four friends were known to have a notorious reputation in class. We would usually target someone from within our group and subject him to a prank. One such incident took place in the junior year of my college. Tom, Justin, Ben, Parker and I planned to stay back in the recess and play a practical joke on our comrade David. We opened the class door just enough to stabilize a trash filled dustbin on top. Ben and Justin were given the duty to keep a look out for David and prevent anyone else from coming in, while the rest of us stayed inside the class to watch the prank unfold. The classes usually started ten minutes after the first bell of recess so it gave the students plenty of time to come back and settle down.

As soon as the bell rang for the recess to end, the hallway swarmed with students as if someone had just pulled the trigger and everyone had to find a safe zone to protect themselves in. In all the rush Ben and Justin didn’t notice that the teacher was about to enter the class. Justin’s frail attempts to prevent the instructor from entering the class, at the last moment, were useless and as she pushed open the door. Time seemed to slow down as I saw the dustbin take a full 180 degree rotation and dump all its trash on the teacher before finally nesting itself on her head in a perfect fit. All the pencil shavings meshed up with the fruits seeds, orange peels and all the other rubbish tangled themselves in her curly red hair. Her clothes had what appeared to be stains of ketchup from yesterday’s recess and dirt particles covering her entire outfit.

Time itself had stopped to witness for what had become a crime for us. No one could speak, dare to say anything nor go up to help her. Justin and Ben showing the true value of their friendship, disappeared and were probably half way to their homes by then. Never-the-less the teacher gradually detached the dustbin, to discover the culprits of this mischief. As if appearance and body language wasn’t daunting enough already, her stare pierced right through my soul. She raised her finger and simply pointed it towards me and said “You! This was all your idea wasn’t it”. Flabbergasted. No response, it was as if my body refused to register any commands given by the brain. “Follow me” she said and then stormed out of the class. Gingerly we followed her making way through the crowd which had gathered outside by that time, witnessing what had transpired just now. I could hear them murmuring the incident to each other and passing on the word as they made way for us to take the walk of shame to the Deans office. I couldn’t believe my luck, what was I to do? Why couldn’t I stop setting up pranks on everyone? I could see that my career at this school was coming to an abrupt end and imagining the Dean signing my expulsion letter when he was to know about this.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ben and Justin coming back with David and a glimmer of hope appeared. They interrupted our progress tried to reason with the teacher. The teacher was adamant to take us to higher authorities and do justice with us while untangling her cluttered hair. David explained to her that it was his birthday and that the prank was intended for him. Some sense of life grew in me, as my other class mates grouped up tried to plea my case as well. The hope grew broader as the crowd started to bargain for our innocence, what seemed inevitable. To my relief the teacher started to get placid, and finally after about a lifelong negotiations, the verdict was given and a deal was struck. We were required to stand in the assembly area for four hours with our hands held high and our bodies covered in trash. The punishment seemed mild at first but it was a bitter pill to swallow as on those four hours everyone in my school watched us stand in the assembly area, chuckling at our conditions, making jokes of the absurd punishment and mocking us about the prank. Even though the incident seemed embarrassing and uncomfortable for a few days to come, I look back at it as a fun and a learning experience for what could have been a permanent consequence of a practical joke.

We were given a taste of our own medicine and over the course of time we all saw the lighter side of the punishment and laughed over probably the most enlightening and embarrassing moment of our life, not to mention the gossips that surrounded the college that year.

Buy custom Narrative Essay Detailing a Funny Incident essay

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