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Buy custom Reflection Over Internship essay


I grabbed an opportunity to work as an intern at the New England Financial, one of the major insurance companies. The firm generally deals in insurance and financial products, and is a Metropolitan Life insurance Company. It was started on March 24th, 1868. It is among the biggest worldwide providers of insurance policies. My job as an intern there was mostly marketing and finance-related. I was tasked with coming up with ideas that would help the finance team to increase revenue for the company, proposing marketing campaigns, making presentations, marketing analysis, database entries, stock following, seeking a hand from the media, among other tasks.


  There was a recent article by Mindy Trammell that appeared on the insurance journal. It was titled:  Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars, and is dated September 6 2012. Mindy vividly describes factors that insurance marketers consider in selling and promoting insurance products. She says that advertising platforms within the last decade have increased tremendously. However, they are to be chosen carefully in order to reach the widest audience while saving on costs (Trammell).

The marketing team of the New England Financial, in which I was part of, tirelessly worked to ensure that the company’s revenue rose while costs fell. Together with other team mates, we decided to promote the company’s products through some advertising platforms, such as the internet, since it was highly accessible and cost saving. We opened accounts in social media: Facebook and Twitter. Adverts for various insurance and financial products, announcements, event and funny stories would appear here. Webcasts were hosted; enabling interested online guests watch episodes about particular topics. Banner ads are attractive to online guests and we used them. Mindy emphasizes that they are effective mainly because they incorporate rich media, for example, the use of animations. Online banner ads can be designed to appear to people in specific locations and can be used to link online guests straight to the homepage. They are very useful in technologically advanced modern markets.

We also used other media, such as television, since it would reach a lot of people. Seminars were also planned to help create self awareness and respond to questions and perceptions of the general public. Billboards and posters were not left out too; even though they would contribute a large percent of the total costs, their strategic locations would ensure potential customers seek out help and clarification over various products. The marketing department would jump onto these opportunities and turn these potential customers into clients. All these marketing strategies would create public awareness; insurance business deeply relies on public relations to be sustained.  The second strategy was to conduct a baseline survey to evaluate the recognition and acceptance of the firm’s products. This turned out positively which enabled us to embark on reviewing the products to suite to the consumers’ preferences and tastes. In such instances, we had to closely scrutinize the products each at a time. The insurance products that MetLife insurance provides include:  permanent life insurance products such as whole life insurance, universal life and variable universal life; group life insurance products such as term life and group variable universal life insurance. Dental policies insure employees, retirees and their families and involve dental plan administration. The plan includes preferred dentist program and the safe guard. It also administers dental continuing education program.

MetLife annuities consist of the following; fixed annuities, variable annuities and immediate annuities. Disability life products were to be restructured. This would be through adding the rates and reducing the premium period. We also had to enact polices terms and conditions of remittances. Defaulters were to be monitored to ensure that there are no loses conceded on either way. We also came up with additional product such as critical illness insurance, banking commercial and residential mortgage firms thus contributing to the pool of income. This target was a very demanding task that we had to dedicate our effort and resources to make it a success.  The company did motivate us a lot by ensuring that they provided us with the necessary resource and moral support. For example, were received the services of support staff. This enabled us achieve most of the objectives such as increased number of new clients. New clients bring a bigger profit to the company compared to existing clients.

The company was able to double membership, one of its major objectives. It also boosted the rates of returns which translate to our core objective to raise revenue. The firm also enhanced its public relations, thus enabling it tap a larger market share of the clients in the market. There were various challenges such as determination of effects of billboards. Additional costs were incurred.

With regard to investment plans, we settled on best performing stock companies that would ensure high returns. We also proposed other projects, such as construction of commercial buildings within the city. These were some of the long-term and stable income generating investments.


The New England Financial offers products that range from simple life assurance products to financial investment products. They include annuities, disability, dental, life insurance, critical illness insurance and financial services such as fee based financial planning, retirement planning, wealth management and banking.

In her blog Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars, Mindy Trammell describes the decision-making process of insurance and financial officers in organizations. She emphasizes that the main problem for insurance marketers is to balance between increased revenues, due to increased policy sales, and marketing costs. She also discusses how insurance and financial officers should diversify marketing channels in order to get the best returns.

Buy custom Reflection Over Internship essay

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