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Buy custom Representative Democracy essay

A representative democracy is a type of democracy where people are to make decisions on behalf of the general population, and also communicate their interests to the whole administration system. One of the advantages of a representative democracy is that people are behind majority of the actions of government.

One disadvantage of representative democracy is that the interests and rights of minorities are not likely to be protected. Most times, the rights and interests of the majority prevail. The wishes of the electorate are not communicated to the national government. Their judgment is always needed as they exercise their powers, even though their views may be contradicting those of the majority. Representative democracies/systems also tend to deteriorate towards an oligarchy.

A constitutional republic ensures that the principles of the constitution are observed as opposed to the will of the people. This means that in spite of likeliness of popular support for an unconstitutional law, it cannot be passed unless there is an amendment to the constitution (Scheb 8). James Madison noted that democracy cannot in any way control the problems of factions; it cannot protect the minority. To preserve the rights of minority, the presidential veto, the Bill of Rights and two houses of congress were designed. Furthermore, representative democracy has a short-term focus.  Leaders are elected for fixed terms of office. They can be changed in the next election.  The House of Representatives elected officials serve two-year terms. Presidents and senators serve four-year terms. At the state and local level, governors, city mayors, state legislators and council members are elected. The constitution, therefore, supports regular elections. Leaders would rather focus on their re-election than serving the citizenry. As a result, long-term public policies are not developed. Frequent elections, at all levels of government, cause voter fatigue.

Representatives are likely to favor interests of communities from which they come from as opposed to national interests. This is the reason why there is tendency for elected officials to steer federal money to their states or districts. It is a way of boosting re-election prospects. The drone program involves use of drone strikes in terrorist areas of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, specifically in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, among other countries. However, they have ended up killing innocent civilians. Furthermore, American citizens have also been killed in the strikes. It has been revealed that only 2% of those killed in drone strikes are top militants. Other estimates state that 98% of all casualties are civilians. Anti-terrorism crusaders now have more than they bargained for. The idea of turning the drone operations from CIA control over to the military has been rejected. This would ensure every detail of the operations was reported. One of the leaders opposing the move is the secretary of Defense. These leaders do not represent people’s will. The will of Americans is to exercise their powers and elect leaders who will be responsible and answerable to them. Drone strikes have not succeeded in ensuring security of United States citizens, yet this is reason why they are designed in the first place. In addition, killing civilians will only create a brand of new enemies, resulting in more insecurity for the American people. Clearly, the government will not have protected them as required by the constitution. Questions have been asked about the precision and legality of drone strikes. Their use is an act of aggressiveness and reckless foreign policy. Using them is encroaching national sovereignty.  American citizenry is deprived off the debate regarding important national issues (Taylor).

Through the Mortgage crisis in Wall Street, 80 million people have risked losing their homes (Stephens). Recent ruling that banks pay 25 million dollars to homeowners has been accepted by the citizenry. Most perpetrators have been arrested and charged. The elected officials of the government have not taken the matter seriously since some of the key perpetrators have not been arrested and are probably being protected by corrupt government officials.

 In the case in which I scratched a New York police officer’s car in a parking lot; I was ordered to pay 414 dollars in damages. In addition, it was the shopping cart that damaged the vehicle. It was not my brother’s car as recorded. I was using the on the day of the small accident. The repair costs would cover other parts of the car which I did not damage. My brother and I requested a revaluation of the repair costs. The officer was adamant that my brother would pay the stated amount.  In a phone conversation, she was rude to him.  My brother then sought an appointment with the head of police department. He did not get one. The police officer illegally accessed a computer at the department, and retrieved information on my brother’s insurance status. She falsified the records and my brother was accused of not paying insurance. His driving license was suspended.  He went to the police department to report the officer for her behavior. When, he met her at the door. She harassed him at the door and said ill things about him to her colleagues. He however filed a case against her. She was eventually charged with tampering with records, forgery and unauthorized use of property.


Representative governments are established to protect the will of the people, through accepted and elected leaders. They are sometimes a disadvantage for minorities who may not be represented properly. Government handling of issues, such as drone strikes and Wall Street fraud, has benefits and costs. Although citizens’ rights may be protected, their judgment on important national issues is usually ignored.

Buy custom Representative Democracy essay

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