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Buy custom St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church essay

The first place I visited in Seattle, Washington, was a St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. The appearance of it looks amazing and that was the first thing I notice. I feel proud for the parishioners going in here and seeing all the beautiful architecture. Stepping inside I saw the picture is as marvelous inside as from outside. I don’t expect my first impression will be of this way. There were a lot of crowd standing near their  singing at this time with the choir of children at the scene. This singing covering the whole room and creating the echo with the whole atmosphere including the Mosaics right in the other side of spacious place shocked me. I was really excited to see such a nice picture so I decided to join the worshiping. If you have never heard the play of an organ I will say that you never really feel yourself untroubled and in an absolute peace. As I got to know later it is welcomed and appreciated to join the choir and for further I should contact the director or assistant choir director.

This sounds and song sometimes remain in my mind even than I don’t remember the right words. I promise myself to take friends and visit this church soon and show them all these things I saw and heard.

There I met one follower of the church, George, who gave me all the information I wanted and I didn’t want to know about the church between the singing of the choir and the sermon of church’s pastor. Just because it was a Sunday morning I caught the Sunday Liturgy and had a chance to enjoy this atmosphere.

The church has a great bookstore at located in the Fr. Homer Library and it includes full selection of books, gift items, CDs of Orthodox Church Music and icons. It is rather to be visit to see what that exactly is. It is quite nice thing to know that this place is welcomed into after this Liturgy so my time was decided to be spent there after. Before that I continue to engross the stories of George.

Stewardship is an important part of a church-life that was expected by God as a loving way to give Him back in thankfulness for all He gave us, as a living, acting and practicing the Jesus’ life. Three T’s of stewardships are referred to Church and those are Time, Talents and Treasures to the Glory of God. So it is actually the main statement of a lifestyle of every follower of the church. The member of a church is someone who is eighteen or older and who baptized according to the rites the Church, had a chrismation, and whose life is faithful and others criteria. So it is quite difficult to the average man and the woman on the street to become a member of the Church but it really needs a faith in Jesus Christ as a God.

The Church is doing a great thing for the society it lives in. It organizes and supports many philanthropic and cultural programs as an addition to serving the spiritual needs of followers. If to be more concrete, as the George said, his Church tries to feed homeless, creates different youth sport organizations, different language programs including the Greek, the Church also helps children to attend summer camps and a lot of other good deals. I was really excited by that. The Church that an hour ago seemed to be so far from the outside world became factually the best place in the society.

And all the people listening to the sermon were the best people in the world I think.

The pastor lead sermon, He read the words from the Bible and explained what sense had been put here. He was a real leader of all these people and a real representative of Jesus’ Church here. He told a lot of the Christian faith in God and gave the main postulates of it. The eternal truths of God are saved in Jesus Christ and the whole Church is guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible was written as a testimony of God’s revelation and the experience of Church-life is also Holy because the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. The faith and life of  St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church don’t differ from the others Christians but it preserved inviolate balance and integrity once received by the Saints. The One God is in Triune, One God in Trinity and Trinity in One God they believe. So this was the position I found in this Church.

It was the quite different atmosphere inside the building as opposed to the other churches I had been in before and this Greek Church was just like a new page in my representation and searching of God.

North American Martyrs Catholic Church

The other church I attended was North American Martyrs Catholic Church. It was really different picture I had seen in St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. It was a Catholic with other traditions, other rules, other appearance and a bit other Christian postulates. The first thing I found that the building of the church wasn’t so excited but how it was inside I can’t describe. At the entrance I was given a bulletin so had a good chance to get to know about this church from the very beginning of my being there. I’d got to know about the pastors there, some interesting stories, the mass schedule and about the last events in the Church and those which were going to happen. Such bulletins were printed once a week and were free to read them.

When I made a step inside the church there was an unbelievable modern style. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter serves North American Martyrs Catholic Church with the approval and blessing of the Archbishop of Seattle. There’s the feature of this church to perform all masses and Sacraments in the Latin so when I step up inside I so preacher reading the Bible in this old language. It is obviously that I was very surprised to hear and to feel such a situation that I had never seen before. All the people were sitting on the benches and listened to the preacher attentively. Many women had heads draping in lace and the children as quiet and silent as church mice. The whole procession was escorted by the Knights of Columbus in full regalia. The preacher read the story of a Bible about Moses. There I met Carina who told me some interesting facts about some of which I had already mentioned above.

The Church is called North American Martyrs because of the first eight Canadian Martyrs, Sainte-Marie among the Hurons’ Jesuit missionaries who were tortured and martyred in nowadays’ Ontario. They were later canonized by Pope Pius XI. The steady tradition here is to thank to God for these missionaries which were killed to save the souls of the followers of this Church. There are about 500 parishioners in the church and the pastor’s name Fr. Gerard Saguto. I have no chance to get friends with him but I was told he’s the best preacher so I didn’t refuse it. His speech was really nice. He was talking about the main ideas they believe and sometimes he mentioned the Martyrs.

Sometimes there was Gregorian music hearing from the choir loft while incense smelling sweet filled through the air.

That was very nice to be there and I was very satisfied to visit this so amazing place and got to know about traditions existing there.

Martin Luther King’s Day

Martin Luther King Day holiday takes place on the third Monday of each year. It’s very close to the King’s birthday, the 15th of January. He was the activist in the civil rights movement and protested racial discrimination in laws. This day became the national holiday in 1986. Schools, post offices and government buildings are closed this day in all federal states of America. So the day the parade was on the street of my city everything was closed and everybody could celebrate the whole day. The TV- and the radio-stations are transferring the speeches of leaders of the civil rights movements of 60s and the main one - “I Have a Dream”, most famous speech of Martin Luther King. The whole country is preparing to this holiday very attentively because this man is worthy to be the one of the greatest men in the world and his name should be remembered the right way. On the Sunday before the day all the churches have the sermons for the followers. Every conscious citizen of USA should know about the work of King and his influence on the world history and who created USA as a country of freedom and equality so I don’t find the celebration in such a way strange. Every year the government tries to enrich the name of Martin Luther King and make this day actually just like the 4th of July, the independent day. A lot of organizations create different plans and goals to do the same thing and to make the celebration, the parade the best one for every person which takes part in it. Pupils at the schools and students at the universities and colleges are taught about the works of Martin Luther King.

I was very delightful to be on the parade and to feel this sound of freedom and equality in the air, to see the product of preparation. Not everything was closed. The small companies, for example, restaurants and grocery stores had tendency to be opened to enjoy the people.

This year the march in Seattle had a great success. Over 5000 people came out of their homes to celebrate the birthday of King, legacy and life. Here in Seattle there’s a great annual, one of the largest one all over USA. It began at 9:30 and lasted all day long. The leaders made their speeches on different topics. Some of them I remembered and here they are: nonviolence, health care, overturning Initiative 200, minority, veteran, and women-owned businesses the working unemployed, economic oppression, literacy, and Occupy Seattle.

A really great program of a day was created. After the rally there was the march leaving from Garfield High and at the Federal Building ending where there was another rally. I was enjoyed this events. A big crowd was marching along Seattle’s streets to respect the person of King.

At Columbia City Theater people could enjoy the musical and art performances, then there was a private gallery art showing and at the end everybody heard the speech of King County Council Larry Gossett about the contributions of Martin Luther King into society of USA and the rest of the world and enlightened him as a perfect leader in the war for freedom and equality.

I think that everybody who was there made a big contribution by being there and celebrating this holiday.

Trinity Episcopal Parish Church

The third church I visit was the Trinity Episcopal Parish Church located near the base of First Hill. What I know about this place that it is one of oldest continually meeting congregations in Seattle and it’s the "Mother Church" of Episcopal mission activities in the city. The first time it was established as “unorganized mission”. Impression that this building made on me is awesome. The feature of this church is that it was damaged a lot of times but it was rebuilt and reconstructed several times because it is the oldest, as I say, church in the city, the oldest continuously operating religious city’s congregations. I found one follower of the church and that is why I know some history about this building and this religious organization.

Inside I met such a picture I had never seen before and the churches mentioned by me above can’t be winners because this church’s architecture is much better. The history of this place is also incredibly. The community proclaimed themselves as open-minded and searching approaches to faith within the ancient truth, their value is a personal responsibility and freedom in life so that is why the full inclusion of lesbians, gays, transgender persons and bisexual are supported fully in the parish’s life and ministry. The followers try to share the God’s love regardless of race, family status, sexual orientation and gender. They are really open-minded and free in everything I think. I don’t know what to say about their life but the only thing I know that that is their own choice and if the parishes like such a lifestyle so let it be.

The worship here is on Sundays and throughout the week I know, on Sundays it happens early in the morning and during the week in the evening, probably it fits for most of followers to go there after work.

On the one of bulletins I found this saying and it might describe the church-life:

“The purpose of the Rule of Life is to strengthen our abiding in Christ by bringing rhythm, discipline, and order to our discipleship. The Rule helps us offer the whole of ourselves to God each day, and keeps us open to God's love and will for us” (David Vryhof, Society of St. John the Evangelist).

On my opinion the community of this church created itself rather closed from the other part of religious group in some way and from other side I can tell that they have gone mush faster and further because not every religious group can have such a free view.

Early I could never think of the existence Christianity with appreciation of intersexual marriages. Of course they exist but when you meet it the first time you’ve got to be confused and that is the natural reaction.

Buy custom St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church essay

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