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Literacy refers to the ability to read for comprehension and curiosity, write articulately and ponder critically over the information written. Diagrammatic literacy entails the capacity to comprehend all types of communication. Literacy involves a complicated set of skills that enable people to use distinguished symbols of a given civilization for individual and societal development. In a technologically advanced society, the definition of literacy includes the ability to understand text passed via electronic appliances. In addition, it includes alphabetical and numerical systems used in electronic products. It is important to note that the ability to understand written material differs from one region of our planet to another. Furthermore, cultural and social environments affect the abilities people possess. This paper provides a description of how I managed to become a highly literate person. It considers school education and computer skills as well as information and multimedia knowledge as the key elements that enabled me to become highly literate. 


My journey of knowledge acquisition began when I joined kindergarten at the age of four. In kindergarten, the process of becoming literate started by mastering speaking and writing skills. At this level, the goal was to acquire basic skills needed to improve myself. My parents took me to school and brought children’s books home on a daily basis. My mother also used to read stories to me before I went to bed. It is interesting that I do not recall ever learning to read and write in kindergarten. Somehow, literacy came naturally and was uncomplicated. The constant focus and efforts of my mother and teachers ensured that I acquired proper writing and reading skills at an early age.

In first grade, “reading buddies” plan implemented at my school further improved my skills. Thus, I possessed good reading and writing skills at a very young age. The idea was to have an older pupil in a higher grade read a story to lower rank pupils. I enjoyed the program mainly because I had my friend, Eugene, in the same class. Eugene and I normally took turns in reading and we both became very fluent at this. In addition, we used sticks and toys to improve our counting skills after school. The support I got from other students also made me enjoy reading and writing. All these factors improved my abilities to conceptualize written materials at an early age. It is important to note that involvement in “reading buddies” plans made me a good reader I appear to be today. They also improved my spelling abilities.

I perfected my writing and reading skills when I joined high school. I excelled in all the courses that I took in high school. I had many favorite teachers there. Mr. Green challenged my reading and writing skills in ways I had never imagined. He motivated me to start reading the works of famous authors like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. He also motivated me to join the debate and drama clubs at school. Debates and participation in various plays improved my oratory and speaking skills. Actually, my oratory skills became impressive and I was selected to be one of the student leaders at high school. On the other hand, Mr. Tallbat improved my analytical and numerical skills through numerous exercises and consultations. These made me become a highly literate person.

In addition, I started learning how to use a computer when I joined high school. I did not have a computer at home. I faced a lot of challenges when I first joined classes. Teachers issued class assignments and they expected students to conduct researches using computers. I had to join a computer class to improve my ability to use them. Currently, I am an experienced computer user. I enjoy reading certain materials and new information contained in various websites. The Internet contains a lot of information and is instrumental in making people become literate. It has helped me improve my knowledge on various issues and disciplines like economics, politics, personal hygiene, religious beliefs and leisure among others. More importantly, knowledge of how to use a computer and the Internet improved my writing skills since I developed my own blog. Today, I always update my blog every two days with various ideas that I collect over the Internet.

Technological advancements in the world have also assisted me in becoming a highly literate person. I learnt to use a phone at an early age. Presently, I use an iPhone and it has numerous features that are informative and educative. The phone can access the Internet and can be used to store information. I can also access online libraries, like Proquest, using the phone. I usually log into Proquest and look for materials to read whenever I am having a rest. I use the phone to acquire knowledge on various issues, like the war in Iraq and Mali and President Obama’s inauguration. I also use it to socialize on social networking sites, like Twitter. Thus, the phone has also improved my literacy level.


Literate people are able to read and comprehend information fast. Moreover, literacy is gained progressively through numerous processes like reading and writing. The goal of this paper was to describe how I became a highly literate person. It has provided the processes I went through to become a literate person. It has described the times I spent in kindergarten, home and high school. Additionally, it described how computers, debates, my iPhone, as well as other devices, and acting in plays improved my literacy levels. Finally, it is essential to note that I acquired a lot of knowledge by watching television and interacting with other people.    

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