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We treat plagiarism as a serious matter. Hence, all our papers are freshly written from start to end. Moreover, we scan each completed paper to ensure there are no traces of plagiarism and that it is accurately referenced.

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  • Single or double line spacing
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  • A margin of one inch on all sides
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  • APA, Chicago, MLA and other formatting styles
  • Bibliographies and reference pages
  • Front page professionally formatted as desired.

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1 October 2013: We have recruited two writers, thus adding two extra law experts to our team.

24 September 2013: We have taken on three more writers, giving us more management and economics expertise.

12 August 2013: Enhanced features added to our order processing system.

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18 September 2013: I asked Quality-Essays.net to write my essay and the job was done beautifully - Steve, KS


Online Custom Proofreading Service

Instructors and professors are human and are therefore often easily impressed by the minor things. When they are evaluating student written work, for example, they are impressed by solid sentence and paragraph structure, good transitions, grammatically correct writing, appropriate vocabulary, and correct spelling and punctuation. Yes, it may be a biology class, but your English skills will impact your grade. Just as instructors may be impressed with excellent writing, they are “turned off” by poor writing. And if they have to wade through your English errors, they are likely to lose sight of the substance of your thoughts and ideas. Your grade will definitely suffer!

You can make a good choice, that is, the decision to use proofreading and editing services offered by Quality-Essays. While we are best known for our online custom essay and paper writing, we also know that many students have never availed themselves of our services because they prefer to write their own assignments. This is commendable, but it is also commendable to locate a professional proofreading company that can polish your finished product and ensure a great grade. Every famous author has an editor, a person who reviews the work objectively and makes suggestions for improvements. These editors also provide proofreading service that checks grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary integrity, and punctuation. They are people that polish a book, and obviously will polish your writing as well. Think of your Quality-Essays.net personally assigned editor as a silent partner who will ensure greater success.

It is not our job to alter the substance of your writing, and this is not what editing services do. When you send your essay and paper writing to our proofreading service, an essay proofreading expert will provide a thorough review, ensuring that there is fluency, good transitions, correct sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation. These are the things that will be corrected. If the editor notes other issues, s/he may make suggestions for improvement. For major graduate works, a topic area editor will be utilized, because difficult and technical content may need more than an English proofreading expert.

Our proofreading service is very inexpensive, but more than worth the cost to have an exceptional piece to submit. You can find other services that will offer a really cheap proofreading price, however, they may, in fact, be rather fraudulent. Choose Quality-Essays.net as your only source from which to buy proofreading and editing, and you will always be satisfied.